Day 4: Saturday 11 October

On the fourth day of making, LOkesh asked the women to start making samplers which did not use their traditional designs and colour combinations and instead used their own innovative fresh designs and patterns. It was interesting to see how the group approached this task given that usually any new or innovative pattern would be given to them by a client or design student who wanted their design to be turned into reality. To help develop ideas, Dahiben gave Jamnaben one of her son’s art books which had a series of drawings comprising of overlapping circles, squares and triangles which she started to carefully and methodically work out in fabric. Dahiben herself started to work on an alternative version of the tube-light motif, while Vishali had embraced the task by developing a completely new design.

Later than morning, LOkesh and Emma had the opportunity to learn more about those in the group who lived locally by visiting their homes. The first visit took them to Shantiben’s home just a short walk from where the project was based. Shantiben further demonstrated her skills by showing the numerous quilts and other household furnishings and decorations she had made using waste material and recycled garments in which she showed a real pride and dedication to her work.


LOkesh and Emma were then taken to visit Deviben’s house, where she lived with her Father and with her two sons. Premjibhai and Deviben being brother and sister were keen to show us their family photographs which were proudly displayed on the wall. Deviben had gone ahead to prepare for the visit, pulling out of cupboards her past history of quilts which demonstrated her working methods and intricate methods of cut work.


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