Remembering Rashmiben (1980-2021)

We are heart broken to learn that appliqué artisan and project member, Rashmiben, passed away earlier this week.

Having felt unwell, Rashmiben’s family took her to the hospital where she could not find timely medication, later learning that she had suffered a stroke. She is survived by Virat, her son. As both a young mother and an artist, she held much promise.

Rashmiben had always maintained a fierce independent approach through her craft. She was extremely creative and skilful and had called LOkesh only two weeks ago, sharing plans for her craft, and ideas for a better future. LOkesh had promised to visit her once he was able to, as he was himself was in self-isolation having contracted Covid.

Rashmiben also lost her first cousin, Meraben’s son, only a few weeks earlier. The pandemic has been a very difficult time for all of the artisan’s and their families who have all suffered great economic hardships, most having had no work for over a year.

To support all of the artisans, you can purchase a quilt form the project. By doing so, you are purchasing direct from the artisan, with each quilt sale commissioning a new quilt to provide all the participants with meaningful work.

If anyone wishes to financially support the family, then please reach out to us. A bank account has been set up for Rashmiben’s son Virat to support his education.

Our thoughts remain with the family at this very difficult time.

LOkesh and Emma